Becky's Story

Who knew that a vegetarian and two meat eaters could live in one house happily! 
I'm here to encourage Nicole on her journey to get healthy.
 My nutrition background is very different than Nicole's. 
I don't have an issue with food and I was not overweight my whole life. 
I'm very active and I could eat anything and not gain weight.
However I gained 20 lbs  in my 40's and needed to 
 lose it and so did my husband. I'm only 5 ft tall and 
small framed so 20 lbs is a lot of extra weight.
I stumbled on Spark people and then found the best book about nutrition by
 Tom Venuto (visit: it is the only book you need. 
I started reading and reread it multiple times and still reference it. 
I did the math and found out what we should be eating.
It worked, we had plenty to eat and still eat some junk food. 
I'm not training to be a body builder, or to look like one.
 I just want to look healthy and be healthy.
We also wanted to share our  creative passions like 
photography, interior design and fashion.
We are happy you found our blog and hope you enjoy reading it.
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